Our Shipyard

Pura Vida Yachting is located at one of the most important centers for yacht building and maintenance in İçmeler, Bodrum Turkey. Our company operates in a closed space of 1100 m2, with the philosophy of “pure life and love for nature.” The shipyard brings together the most experienced professionals in the yacht building industry in order to make our customers’ dreams come true. Every step of production and maintenance can be done within the shipyard by our experienced and qualified staff. The company philosophy is to be able to produce yachts that are not only innovative but also, beyond their time so they will have the technologies of the future. Adopting this approach, in December 2021, the shipyard has started building the world’s largest sailing yacht with electric engines for a sustainable future and has also started a fiberglass motor yacht project for serial production. Negotiations are also currently underway to start two new projects where “pure life and love of nature” will be of great importance.

Boats Built By Pura Vida Yachting

S/Y Seven

151 feet of excellent craftsmanship meets technology and a sustainable future.

World’s largest sailing yacht with electric propulsion. Pura Vida Yachting is introducing the 151 feet S/Y Seven as its benchmark project, aiming for the perfect ocean-going sailing yacht with low emissions.

Large beach area with an extendable hydraulic platform.

A jet-ski compartment allows for a cluster free deck giving you the opportunity to both store your toys and arranges your deck the way you want it. Engineered with CAD, the hydraulics will work seamlessly.

​From design to reality. The design team at the shipyard makes it possible for easy manufacturing while checking every single piece from CAD software to make sure everything fits perfectly.​

The collaboration between world renowned design offices and our shipyard produces some unique design features made possible by in housebuilders.

Spook 62

Engineered to perfection, not a single millimeter is going to waste.

Using cutting edge CAD software integrated with CNC tools guarantees a flawless manufacturing process.

Pura Vida Yachting is introducing the Spook 62, already under construction and ready for serial production.

Developed by the in-house design team, the interior is beyond its time, making it immune to deterioration.

Concept Projects

40m Concept

The striking looks of this yacht will grab everyone’s attention.

An aft VIP cabin provides for incredible views. Step outside directly from your bed. REach for the stars.

This 40 meter sailing yacht being developed by Pura Vida Yachting has a new concept, where besides from having a master cabin, also has a VIP cabin that is integrated to the beach area of the yacht. This concept is currently under development and it can be modified by the customer.