Luxury Sailing & Motor Yachts For Chartering

The type of yacht you choose for your luxury charter vacation will shape the experience that you have, so it is important to understand what each charter yacht has to offer before you make a decision. There are many different terminologies used throughout the yachting industry and getting to grips with the basics is a good starting point to ensure the ultimate luxury charter vacation.

The term yacht refers to a luxury pleasure boat. Many charter yachts available are considered a superyacht meaning that they are over 24m (78’) in length and can carry a large number of guests, with luxury amenities on board. Megayacht is another term that usually refers to larger superyachts above 80m (260′).

Luxury charter yachts come in various types, the main ones being motor, sailing, catamaran, and gulet which can then be categorised into their own sub groups. For example motor yachts are divided into those with one engine, two or more engines, flybridge or open, each offering different benefits depending on the charter vacation you wish to have. Whether you are looking for high-speed performance or exploration and adventure, read our full guides to luxury yacht types to find the perfect one for you.

Luxury Motor Yachts for Charter

A popular choice for luxury charter vacations around the world, crewed motor yachts can provide you with the ultimate in luxurious surroundings, spacious accommodation and an array of toys, tenders and amenities, all topped off with superb on board service.

Luxury motor yachts are designed to offer unlimited comfort to guests, often encompassing luxurious interiors and fantastic facilities to provide the perfect way to experience the high life at sea. You may want to work your way through the social calendar of world famous events such as the Monaco Grand Prix or find a secluded anchorage in a far corner of the globe. Either way, a luxury motor yacht provides a platform in which you can relax with family and friends, as much at home in the exclusive ports of the Aegean Sea as the far flung cruising grounds of Mediterrenian Sea.

Sailing Yachts For Charter

Whether you are a seasoned yachtsman or a first-time charterer, a luxury sailing yacht can offer an unforgettable vacation with family and friends. The variety of luxury amenities and interiors available is combined the ultimate feeling of freedom while sailing the open waters to create a charter experience like no other.

There is a wide selection of types of crewed sailing yachts available on the global charter fleet ranging from classic to contemporary to performance yachts that each offers a unique platform for sailing vacations. Whether you want to experience the racing thrills of a regatta or a slower pace of life sailing around breath taking Aegean islands, there is an extensive collection of styles, sizes and facilities for sailing yachts for you to choose from.

Although not as well known for the high-spec interiors and selection of facilities associated with luxury motor yachts, many sailing yachts now feature comforts such as state-of-the-art entertainment equipment, Jacuzzi’s, gymnasiums and toys to rival. This of course is encased by majestic exterior design, an assortment of beautiful interiors and spacious outdoor areas for absolute comfort for all when traversing the world’s waters.

Expedition Yacht Charter

An expedition yacht charter allows you the opportunity to experience all the comforts associated with luxury superyacht vacations while embarking on extensive long-range voyages in the far reaches of the globe.

Luxury expedition yachts are synonymous with strength, stability and power, their imposing exterior lines alluding to the feeling of ocean-going ability. Many crewed explorer yachts have been converted to cater to the high demands of the charter market, fitted with the latest in technologies, luxury amenities and interior layouts. This combination of endurance and comfort creates the ideal surroundings for charterers looking to avoids the more developed charter regions and cruise some of the most isolated and exclusive locations in the world.

By design, the volume of a yacht of this kind can often provide an extensive range of impressive facilities to accommodate long periods at sea, such as helipads and on board dive centres to the more luxurious offerings like swimming pools and cinemas.

Classic Yacht Charter


The definition of a classic yacht is not clearly defined, although those in the industry would agree that a classic yacht is a vessel built between the 1920’s through to the 1970’s, typically built from wood or steel. Classic yacht enthusiasts believe the graceful lines, fine craftsmanship and character of a classic yacht embodies a sense of nostalgia and seamanship unsurpassed by other styles of luxury yachts.

A classic yacht is often favoured by the traditionalist amongst yacht charterer, with something timeless and elegant about a classic yacht charter that just does not transpire to a modern yacht. Although many may assume that to charter a classic yacht you must abide the unsightly old fashioned interior this isn’t the case. Most classic yachts have been refitted to boast stunning interior styling akin to that of a modern build or luxury hotel. In some instances a classic yacht may not feature as many extras as a modern yacht, but a classic yacht is guaranteed to seduce guests with unparalleled opulence.

Classic Motor Yachts

Modern charter yachts are now built to be fully equipped to offer the ultimate in comfort and luxury. Although many classic motor yachts have similar features to that of a modern build, it is clear that their hand crafted design is much more in keeping with what was deemed necessary at the time of construction, before the era of jet skis and banana boats. The beauty of chartering a classic motor yacht is to experience a little piece of yachting history.

Classic Sailing Yachts

Classic sailing yachts are perfect for yachting enthusiasts looking to experience vintage sailing at its very best. Whether you’re looking to embark on a classic yacht charter to take part in one of the annual sailing events across the globe or simply to enjoy the romance of sailing on the waves, you can do it in style on board an iconic vessel. Whether you are an experienced sailor or a first-time charterer, an experienced charter crew is on hand to not only crank winches and trim the sails but ensure your every need is catered for.

Neo-Classic Yachts

A Neo-Classic yacht combines the graceful design of a by-gone era with the technological advances of the modern age, perfect for a luxury yacht charter experience with the romance of a classic yacht and the modern facilities and efficiency of a new build.

Why Charter a Classic Yacht?

Classic yacht charters are very versatile when it comes to guest requirements and are well suited to everyone from families eager to take part in watersports, regatta enthusiasts looking for adventure or even businesses in need of an innovative twist to their next corporate yacht charter.

From gentle cruising to regatta racing, search our range classic yachts and begin planning an unforgettable luxury yacht charter vacation.

Catamaran Yacht Charter

A luxury charter vacation on board a crewed catamaran ensures smooth, stable cruising and access to some of the world’s most spectacular shallow waters.

A luxury charter in a crewed catamaran provides smooth, stable cruise and access to some of the most spectacular shallow waters in the world.

Luxury catamaran yachts have a multihull design that offers a number of advantages, making them an attractive and always popular choice for charterers. This unique exterior and interior layout provides spacious, modern living spaces and easily accessible, well-equipped deck areas. The multihull structure not only provides ultra-comfortable navigation, but also provides access to shallow anchorages, giving you the freedom to explore the idyllic waters of the Aegean and Mediterranean where others cannot.

There are two types of catamarans to consider, depending on whether you are looking for a sailboat or a powerboat for your charter vacation. While motorized catamarans are perfect for speed seekers, sailing by catamaran is a pleasure for any yachtsman, due to reduced drag and being such light ships.

Sport Fishing Yacht Charter

For fishing aficionados looking to experience a fantastic charter vacation centred around their favourite hobby, a luxury sports fisher is the only way to go. However, these agile, sporty vessels also offer a great selection of amenities and luxurious interiors to ensure the whole family are kept entertained.

Designed specifically for worldwide fishing vacations, sport fishing yachts are perfect for exploration, with ample space on board for necessary equipment, technology and gadgets. They can accommodate a wide range of fishing gear, including fish fighting chairs, live bait and a collection of fishing rods and tackle to ensure you have everything you need for your adventure.

You cannot truly enjoy your exploration without time for relaxation, however, and a crewed sport fisher yacht accommodate this with a range of comforts to suit the needs of your charter party. You also have the freedom of the ocean when chartering this kind of sports yacht, whether you plan to explore world-renown spots or secret, untouched bays and coves.

Gulet Yacht Charter

Luxury gulet yachts offer a unique charter experience, fusing an extraordinary history of construction with modern comforts and strong sailing performance. Here we offer the global fleet of crewed gulet yachts available for charter, allowing you to choose the right one for your next yachting vacation.

Originating from Turkey, many gulet yachts are still made using traditional methods and materials such as rare African woods. Their exteriors exude a style of timeless elegance while the high standards of design ensure impressive sailing performance and ocean-going abilities, allowing them to glide gracefully on the waves.

While being famous for their history and sophisticated looks, luxury gulet yachts also provide comfortable cruising vacations amongst beautiful interiors and often very spacious deck areas. Whether you want to sail the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean or explore secluded parts of Greek islands and escape from overcrowded ports, these beautiful vessels are perfect for charterers looking to enjoy the true sense of life at sea.


There are various types of Gulet including English, Italian and French. Gulets emerged with the change of form of the Gibbon in North Africa. In the First World War, the entire Mediterranean was under the rule of Italians. Italians started to build gulet boats in the 1860s. The first construction of the Bodrum Gulet begins in 1962 with the boats that Mr Ziya who is expert built by looking at the examples in Greece. Gulets are boats where the rear mast is longer than the front mast. The distinctive features of the typical Bodrum Gulet are the rounded stern, the grill seat on the stern, which is called bangaça, and the protrusion of the nose in the shape of a violin. It has evolved a lot over time.